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SecondSwap tackles a major roadblock in the exciting world of blockchain technology: illiquidity.


~4 weeks


UI Design

Pitch Deck Design

Social Media Assets



SecondSwap functions as a secure and scalable "second market" specifically designed for locked tokenized assets. By facilitating a trusted space for these assets to be traded, SecondSwap unlocks their value, benefiting not only investors but the entire blockchain ecosystem participants (token issuers, buyers, sellers).

The Challenge

SecondSwap ventured into uncharted territory. The team was creating a platform in a nascent market with limited competition and even fewer design references. There was not a lot of research to rely on, if any. The tight timeline, fueled by an upcoming investor presentation and demo launch, added another layer of complexity. Every design decision was a pioneering step, requiring both creativity and a deep understanding of how an average crypto user thinks.

UI components

Simple design system was created with the sole purpose of enabling cohesiveness when launching and designing new features in the future. Besides that, development handoff process was a breeze with the help of it.

Responsive design

Users can interact with the dApp effectively regardless of their device. The layout and interface elements are adapted to fit the screen size and capabilities of the device, be it a desktop computer, a tablet or a smartphone. It ensures a high level of functionality and smooth user experience.

Design system and assets

Simple design system was created with the sole purpose of enabling cohesiveness when launching and designing new features in the future. UI components like buttons, tabs, radio buttons, checkboxes and toggles were documented and made into components in Figma - ready to use. Thanks to that, development handoff process was a breeze.

Web design

I decided to showcase the metaphor of liquidity in a simple way, starting from the hero section. By prioritizing clear information architecture and a touch of visual intrigue with custom illustrations, the design fosters trust and transparency, making it easy for visitors to understand the value proposition of SecondSwap.

Pitch deck & Social Media assets

Main mission here was crafting a compelling pitch deck that translates the problem of illiquid crypto assets into clear and concise messaging - crucial for investors. Social media design followed suit, where I tried to expand the visual language and utilize engaging custom designed elements to build excitement and educate potential users on X and LinkedIn.

The Outcome

Over a ~4 week time frame, I've crafted a UX that strikes a perfect balance between robustness and ease of use. Through a series of refinements, a user-friendly and visually-appealing UI emerged, anchored by a streamlined design system that guarantees app cohesion. At the end, a platform that delivers a seamless experience across devices, all thanks to the synergy between meticulous design and fruitful client collaboration. I've continued to work closely with the SecondSwap internal team on an ongoing basis on their future endeavours.

What clients are saying

As the Chief Designer at Intent UX, I have had the privilege of working alongside Meris on several enterprise UX design projects, and the experience has been nothing short of exceptional. Meris embodies professionalism and expertise in every aspect of his work. Not only is he consistently on time and a quick communicator, but his clean and polished Figma UI skills elevate our projects to new heights. Meris is rapid, skilled, and a pleasure to work with!

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Nussi Einhorn

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